Planning a Wedding or Party?


Candygram would love to play at your wedding or party. For scheduling, call Joe @

(513) 227-0124. 

Candygram is a 6-piece rock band based in Greater Cincinnati. The band consists of Madelaine Novak on vocals, Matt Graser on guitar, Stephen Hastings on keys, Glen Gustafson on trombone, Tommy Peck on bass and Joe DeVol on drums. Madelaine has been singing since age 5 and has worked with some well-known Philly bands. Her stage show alone is worth admission. Matt has been playing guitar for various bands in the Cincy area and is also quite talented at playing the pan flute. Stephen is a keyboard wizard and can play just about anything. Glen is a boss on trombone and looks amazing in a tight pair of Levi's. Tommy and Joe make up the rhythm section on bass and drums respectively. Tommy can simultaneously play trombone and upright bass while a cigarette dangles from his lower lip. Joe is known for his amazingly long rolls at the end of every song. Oh, and he was also in Weezy Jefferson.

Upcoming Shows​​

July 28th

Friday Night Fun

@ Stanbery Park


Aug 19th

Latitudes Cafe


Sept 16th

Talon Tavern